Apental | Download Apental Calc APK {2019} Latest Version (V2.52) for Android

Apental Calc APK – In today’s era of Internet, everyone uses social media to connect with other each other. There are many social media sites but Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular social media networks. Let us talk more about Facebook. On Facebook, everyone notice the number of likes and comments on someone’s profile picture, status and video. Same about the Facebook pages. Likes and comments leave a great impact on our minds. And many people want hundreds of like and comments on their Facebook account in short time. Now sit back because today I am going to reveal this secret. If you want to get more Facebook Likes than you’ll try Apental Calc software which will make you a rich person of Facebook in just few minutes.

You just have to do is to download this Apental APK software from our site and run it on your device. I am sure that the results of this amazing software will amazed you because this will give you the quick results. You’ll be happy and will be surprised to hear that you can use this software to win the Facebook Contests by getting likes from this Apentalcalc Auto Liker software. If you are a PC user and want to use apentalcalc for PC then you don’t need to be worry because you can use it on PC also. This amazing tool have many benefits which can’t even discuss in this post.

Apental Calc APK

Apental for android is launch because people want such type of tool that can grow their business free of cost. That is one of the main reason’s of its popularity. Today apentalcalc is used for Instagram and for IOS. Basically people think that this app is build in Java but that’s not true because it developed in APK format which works well on androids as same as other android games.


And now I am going to surprise you with another tool and that is comments. Yes, you can also use Apental auto comments for free and unlimited. This will help you to increase your Facebook Followers and Likes. The other benefit of this amazing tool is that this will multiply your presence on Facebook. I know you are thinking that this is the best Facebook auto liker and Auto comments tool.

Clash of Lights

File Features

  • Get unlimited Fb likes and comments on your profile.
  • Other amazing feature is that you can get unlimited shares of your pics by this software.
  • Best tool for Facebook Page Likes, Share, Followers & Comments.
  • Its totally free for every person.
  • No any Charges for using this tool.
  • User friendly App.
  • The most amazing benefit is that this app will not consume your mobile battery.
  • By installing this tool, you’ll not face any issue.
  • You can use this app on your personal picture too.
  • Smoothly running app.
  • Regularly updated app.
  • Best for Facebook auto liker.
  • One of the best tool on the internet.

ACMarket IOS

Installation Guide

Lets talk about that how we can use this tool with easy steps. Here you’ll see a step by step guide about its installation. Basically everyone wants to know about the usage of it so bellow you can find step by step installation guide.

  • Download the APK file which is given bellow.
  • Now go to the installation app and click install option.
  • Open Facebook Auto Liker Apk.
  • After opening, this app will take you to your Facebook account.
  • Click allow button to connect this app with your Facebook profile.
  • Now select any of your Photo or Status of your personal account or Facebook Page which you want to get likes on.
  • Just “Want to like this” button and get your real likes.
  • Now just sit back and see the magic of Apental FB Liker.

File Details

File NameApental Calc APK
File Size3.9 MB
SpecificationsWorks with just Facebook
VersionV2.52 (New Version)
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
License TypeFreeware
Important Note
Don’t forget to change the privacy of your account from “Friends” to “Public” in the settings option. This app works well if you do this.

Apental Benefits

When we read the above information of this Apental Calc Facebook Liker tool, it is clear that this Apk has many benefits same like when you use it correctly and it is not bad to say that this App will definitely help you to easily stand out in the tough industry for free. In this era of technology, we have to spend a lot of money to advertise our business because of competition. But that’s the waste of money because it became so hard to make money. So this amazing android app can provide you many features for free business marketing and in a quick way. That’s  one of the huge benefits of this app. So, now you’re thinking about the importance of this app. You’re thinking right. Now lets read about some more amazing benefits of this App which clearly explained that this tool is the best.

Boost In Business

We know that this is the era of competition. So if we want to rank higher in society we have to be social activist too to stand in such competition. Online forums especially Facebook can help us with this. We can also use this Apental liker app in Facebook for business promotions. And you know that it will be free of cost.

So by using Apental Calc Facebook Auto Liker, you can grow your business to a whole new level for free of cost and easily stand out in a competitive industry.

Safe To Use

Let’s talk about the safety of your personal data. We’ve tested this app many times even in our personal profiles and pages. And you’ll be happy to hear that this tool respects our safety. We know that privacy is a major part in every situation. So this tool gives you the privacy which you want to take. Now everything will be clear to your mind and I hope that I’ve answered all of your questions.

Easy to Use

Apental calc can do your job quickly. If you use online bots for getting likes, it takes long time and it requires a PC connection. Now, people just use android to do everything. So, it can be more easy for all of you to get free promotion of your profile or page. I am sure this is your dream app. Still, this app is trending no 1 in worldwide because it is fulfilling people demand.

One Click Likes

The main reason to use this ApentalCalc is that this app provide you one click likes and you don’t need to do time wasting methods to get likes. I know all of you don’t want to waste your time because you want to increase your reputation in quick time on social media because everyone use social sites and when people see your posts, images and the number of likes and comments on them, your reputation will definitely increase.

Final Words

Above I cleared everything. And now I advise you to must try out the Apental Facebook Likes and comments on your profile pictures and every status. I am sure that this tool will be 100% satisfy you with its features. Now without further wasting much time, use this tool and surprise your friends and audience by showing them your likes and comments. Feel free to ask your questions.